Development of forests and the gene pool of local forest tree ecotypes in Mongolia

2015 – 2017

The project will contribute to the development of the gene pool of local forest trees and to the restoration of ecologically stable forest communities. The aim is to provide Mongolian partners with tools for long-term forest development and management, methodology for identifying and registering forest stands with extraordinary genetic qualities, introduce an effective way for the production of reproductive material, and offer a complex approach to planting, including initial planning, soil preparation, effective planting and protection of seedlings and saplings.

Project goal will also be achieved through capacity building and close cooperation with the Ministry of environment and green development (MEGD)– Forest research development centre (FRDC), educational institutions – Vocational Training and Production Centre of Selenge Province (Vocational Centre), Mongolian State University of Agriculture Plant Science and Agricultural Research Training Institute in Darchan (Darchan university) – and other partners. As part of the project, two model centres for the production of reproductive material will be established with co-financing from Mongolian partners.

Key activities

Output 1 – Long-term forest management, in accordance with sustainable forest management practices, improved

During the initial stages of the project, project team will analyze relevant documents and materials, and assess the capacity of FRDC. Based on initial analysis and in cooperation with experts from FRDC and other relevant partners (i. e. other international donors), existing methodology and working practices will be optimized. Proposed procedures will be verified on selected model areas. During fieldwork, Czech experts will train FRDC staff and draft educational materials. Output activities will result in the elaboration of guidelines for Regional development plans so as to ensure sustainable forest management, increase timber volumes and biodiversity.

Output 2 – Two functional model centres for the production of reproductive material

As part of the second output, two model centres for the production of reproductive material will be established with co-financing from Mongolian side. Establishment of the first centre, including forest nursery, seed orchard, small laboratory and a shelling machine is planned for 2015. Second centre, including nursery, small laboratory and a shelling machine will be established in 2016. On a smaller scale, nursery technology (production up to 5000 saplings/year) will also be installed on the premises of FRDC’s nursery in Ulaanbaatar to serve as an example of the technology. Czech experts will provide assistance during the operations of the centre and train Mongolian experts (from all interested partners) in the establishment of nurseries, seed orchards, planting and plant protection or in the collection of cones.

Output 3 – Improved capacity of forestry experts and pedagogical staff

In addition to continuous training of FRDC staff and other experts during project activities of output 1 and 2, the whole project will also be linked to the Mongolian educational system. Czech experts will train pedagogical staff at participating institutions, including working with the public to raise awareness of forestry related issues. Mongolian experts will be take part in several field-work related project activities to gain deeper understanding of subject matter and acquire hands-on experience. Other activities, such as workshops for Forestry units, will focus on knowledge sharing and transfer of best practices. All educational materials (presentations, documents, methodologies, videos…) created and used during the project implementation will be used to create a single, structured database of educational materials. The database will be available to all interested parties. Project activities will also include cooperation with selected NGOs to raise public awareness of relevant topics among the general public.



Czech development agency will provide financing amounting to USD 1 000 000 through a budgetary measure to the Forest management institute Brandýs nad Labem. Project budget will finance all project activities, which include for example analytic and synthetic works on Regional plans of Forest Development and forest genetic, delivery of equipment to model forest nurseries and training of their staff, training of Mongolian forest experts and teachers, elaboration of teaching materials, workshops, study visit to Czech republic, and so on. Overall, the expected work allocation for all Czech experts is 160 person-months, out of which 100 will be in Mongolia.

An estimated amount of USD 500 000 from the project overall budget will be used to finance the establishment of two centres for the production of reproductive material and related activities under output 2. The two centres will be able to produce around 100 000 container-grown plants per year with the possibility to double or triple the production in the future using the established infrastructure.

Regarding the establishment of the centres, Czech side will fund the equipment for the centres. This includes all necessary tools, technology for container-grown seedlings pinecone shelling machine, irrigation system, and a small laboratory for each centre. Project experts will also prepare nursery beds. Additional co-financing from the Mongolian side is required to prepare the site. This mainly includes the following: constructing the administration building, technological hall and fence around the nursery; connecting electricity, securing source of water for irrigation, and cover other major groundwork if necessary (i.e. access road)

Mongolia partners will contribute to the project in the form of in-kind support to ensure smooth implementation. Additional co-financing from the Mongolian side is required especially for the establishment of the centres for the production of reproductive materials.

The responsible institution from the Czech Republic:

Forest management institute Brandýs nad Labem