Nursery practice

Nursery practice

We will establish two model nurseries for container plat production in Darkhan Uul province. One nursery will stay in Sharyngol som, the other in Zulzaga close to Darkhan.

The Mongolian side with cooperation of the implementer of the project will ensure construction of the administrative building, technological hall, fencing of the nursery, electrification, internet access, and main ground works. It will also provide the nursery with irrigation water. The irrigation system will be complemented by tanks for temperature balancing of irrigation

The Czech side will buy plastic green houses for planned plant production. The green houses will be equipped by spray irrigation and nursery technology including shading of the plants as acclimatization before planting in the woods. The busiest and overloaded areas will be enforced by gravel or concrete.

In each nursery, we will build a lab for simple testing of seeds necessary for sow planning.

The nursery technology (without the lab and husking equipment) will be also established as a model in the existing nursery and planned arboretum of FRDC in Ulanbator. It should produce up to 5 000 plants per year.

In spring 2017, the first nursery in Sharyngol som will be able to produce 100 thousands plants. Before planting, a site for planting will be assessed in terms of soil quality, aspect, slope and climatic factors. Based on that, an appropriate stand composition and structure will be proposed.

Additionally, it is necessary to evaluate accessibility of stands for transport of plants and storage before planting if necessary. There is a fundamental need to protect plants against sheep, goat and cattle browsing.

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