Forest Reproductive Material

Forest Tree Species Reproduction Material


We will suggest a similar system to that used in CZ Forest Reproductive Material.

Works on this topic will be performed along with activities on the Regional Plans of Forest Development.

We will analyze a current legal and real situation in an area of genetic sources of forest trees. Together with forest management guidelines, we will set up general rules for assessment and use of high quality stands as sources for genetic material for both renewal of natural stands and gene pool preservation.

In fall 2015, a seminar will be organized in order to increase qualification of five specialists for seed production. They will be thought how to collect a reproductive material from standing trees using not damaging climbing.

Besides that, the seed laboratory of FRCD in Ulan Bator will be equipped by necessary stuff and processes.

In 2017, a model seed orchard of Larix will be established with close cooperation of FRDC specialists. The area of max. 1 ha will be planted by 120 trees (40 clones minimum). We presume a locality of the Sharyngol nursery. The seed orchard project will be virtually ready at the end of 2015.